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John registered for Level 4 of the campaign on 2 May and can get up to 1,000 USDT in rewards cumulatively.

During the campaign period, John made a cumulative deposit of 2,000 USDT. He could get 500 USDT in trading funds.

The trading funds can only be used for trading for now, and the profits generated during trading belong to John. As for the losses, they would be first covered by the 2,000 USDT deposit made earlier.

During the campaign period, John closed positions of 3 million USDT in trading volume. He is entitled to unlock (withdraw) 500 USDT* trading funds and get an extra 250 USDT, amounting to 750 USDT.

John can withdraw the remaining 250 USDT upon reaching the trading requirement.

*3 million USDT ÷ 20,000 USDT × 5 USDT = 750 USDT

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