BTCC Copy Trading Agreement and Guidelines

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This BTCC Copy Trading and Guidelines (“Agreement”) is an agreement concluded with BTCC  (“we”, “our”, “us” or “BTCC”) on the Copy trading service and any related services is legally binding on the user (“you”, “your” or “User”) and BTCC . It sets out the terms and conditions that govern your use of Copy trading services (“Services”) through or any of our associated websites, application programming interfaces, or mobile applications (collectively the "Platform"). Copy trading services is a service that allows the user (hereinafter the “Follower”) to copy trades from other users (hereinafter the “Trader”). The terms and conditions in this Agreement are to be read in conjunction with the User Agreement and Privacy Policy. If the terms in this Agreement vary from that of the User Agreement, Privacy Policy, or such other agreement or publication pertaining to BTCC’s Copy trading services as may be published by BTCC from time to time, the terms in this Agreement shall prevail. By starting to use our Copy trading services, you acknowledge and agree to be legally bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the terms set out in the User Agreement and Privacy Policy, including any revisions as may be published by us from time to time.


1. Trader’s Qualification

1.1. You shall have mature and professional trading strategies.

1.2. You shall have excellent trading records.

1.3. You shall have strict trading risk management.

1.4. You shall be familiar with BTCC's mission, vision, and values.

1.5. You shall be familiar with BTCC's brand value.

1.6. You shall familiar with BTCC product performance.

1.7. You shall be willing to grow with BTCC.


2. Requirements for Applying to be a Trader

2.1. You are not following any Trader.
2.2. There are no positions, open orders, or stop-limit orders across your Futures account.
2.3. You can only register one Futures account for the Services.
2.4. Other requirements may be added to the application process or this agreement as deemed necessary by BTCC. All application approval shall be subject to BTCC’s sole discretion.
2.5 BTCC shall review the trader application according to its internal policy and guidelines, and all decisions made to accept or reject an application shall be in the sole and absolute discretion of BTCC.


3. Representations & Warranties by the Trader

3.1. All warranties and representations made by the Trader to BTCC are true, accurate and complete, and free of any falsification, concealment, major omission, and misleading information.

3.2. All documents or materials submitted by Trader to BTCC including but not limited to reflect the Trader's legal status, personal data, financial and operating conditions (if any), etc., in a truthful and complete manner, without any falsification, concealment, major omissions or misleading information.

3.3. Trader has full capacity for civil rights and civil conducts, and can independently assume civil liabilities, execute and perform this Agreement. A trader will not violate any laws and regulations or regulatory provisions that are binding on it, nor will the Trader breach any ruling, order, contract, or undertaking that binds or otherwise affects the Trader.

3.4. Trader agrees to disclose certain data to the public including but not limited to the following:

3.4.1. The time the trader has settled in: From registration to now;

3.4.2. Lead Trading Performance in the last 3 months: accumulated profit rate and profit amount in the last 3 months; 

3.4.3. Profit/Loss Ratio in the last 3 months: total profit/ total loss;

3.4.4. Average position duration within the last three months: average duration of each completed trades.

3.4.5. Win Rate within 3 months:  Number of orders with a closed profit greater than 0 / the total number of closed orders.

3.4.6. Cumulative follower number: the number of people who have followed the trader in history. If the follower cancels or continues to copy the trade, the follower will be counted as 1 person;

3.4.7. Current follower number: the number of users who are currently following the trader.

3.4.8.  Operation record: Trader’s current opening positions;

3.5. Trader warrants that it will abide by all applicable laws and regulatory rules, obey the rules for administration and use of the Platform as formulated and amended from time to time by BTCC or published on the Platform, not engage or participate in any act or business that harms or is likely to harm the reputation or any other legitimate interests of BTCC.


4. Code of Conduct of Trader


4.1. Trader shall not publish any bad opinions that might slander and damage BTCC's reputation.

4.2. Traders shall not promise profits to Followers to attract Followers to copy their orders.

4.3. Traders need to do their utmost best to generate profits for Followers and consider the risks of Followers promptly, and it is forbidden to wash trades for the pursuit of high yields and high commissions.

4.4. Traders must not use high-risk and high-reward trading strategies, which may bring uncontrollable risks to Followers.

4.5. To protect the interests of Followers, traders are not allowed to display, disclose or imply social accounts or contact information in information display places such as nicknames and personal profiles.

4.6. Traders are forbidden to use multiple accounts to follow each other and trade. Once discovered, BTCC shall have the discretion to permanently disqualify the Trader from copy trading.

4.7. Trader must not perform malicious operations, including but not limited to malicious wash trading that increases the number of Followers or capital, otherwise, BTCC shall have the discretion to permanently freeze the Trader's account.

4.8. If any serious consequences are caused by the Trader, BTCC shall have the discretion to interfere with the Trader's trades, such as disqualifying the Trader and freezing the Trader's account.

4.9. Trader shall ensure that the trading status is updated in time to allow the Follower to understand their trading behavior and strategies in time to maintain a good following relationship.

4.10. Trader's trading strategy description on the Platform must be accurate so that Followers can follow the investment based on this description. The Trader's trading behavior must be consistent with the strategy description. When the actual trading method of the Trader is different from the strategy description, we will not approve the adoption of this trading strategy. If the trading behavior leads to serious consequences, we will take relevant actions to interfere with your trading, such as deactivating the Trader trading account or removing the copy trading Follower.


5. Rules of Service


For Trader

5.1. Trader shall not hold more than 10 orders or opened more than 3 two-way positions at the same time when the current position that is making losses for more than 24 hours has not been closed.

5.2. Traders have similar opening prices within the same time frame, and the opening and closing times of multiple orders or multiple accounts tend to be the same.

5.3. There are no new trades by the Trader in the past seven (7) days.

5.4. Violation of any of the above constitutes as breach of this Agreement.

5.5. We will take reasonable steps to monitor the performance of any Trader under the Services functionality. We reserve the right to pause, stop, or block any Trader from being copied under the Services functionality.


For Follower

5.6 The Copy Trading Services are a trading functionality which may allow you to follow and/or monitor the account of other traders. You may either follow a specific BTCC trader account. By placing a Copy trading order, you authorize BTCC Platform to automatically recreate the actions of the selected account for you in your BTCC account without any prior consultation, consent or approval from you. For example, BTCC may start the COpy Trading Services, stop the Copy Trading Services, and/or pause the copying of the respective trader, account and/or strategy and set limits to any position, etc

5.7 When you place a trade under Copy Trading Services, BTCC will charge you fees on the same basis as those charged for the same type of trades and transactions on the BTCC Platform. 

5.8 You hereby agree and authorize that BTCC shall have the right to deduct the Service Fees payable from your BTCC account; BTCC reserves the right not to provide the Services to you under these Terms.


6. Disclaimers

For Trader

6.1 In the event of BTCC is subject to any claim by a third party in connection with this Agreement, Trader shall assist BTCC in the defense against such claim. Trader shall indemnify and hold harmless BTCC against any disputes that arise in connection with or relating to this Agreement. Trader shall bear all the responsibilities, losses, and indemnity arising from the disputes in connection with this Agreement.

6.2 The use of the Copy Trade Service does not constitute a contractual relationship between the trader and BTCC as employees, partners, intermediaries, contractors, etc. A trader understands and confirms that he/she bears all the liabilities, responsibilities and risks that may be involved in becoming a trader. BTCC does not assume any liability, responsibility, or compensation for the behavior of the traders.

6.3 The trader agrees to abide by all applicable laws and regulations of any applicable jurisdiction. The traders shall bear all the corresponding liabilities and responsibilities for their actions as a trader. In addition, a trader undertakes not to violate the legal rights and interests of any user or other third party. If BTCC suffers any loss due to any behavior of any traders, BTCC has the sole and absolute right to claim against the trader through any legal or other means.


For Follower

6.4 You acknowledge and agree that BTCC shall not be liable for any damages, including but not limited to damages for loss of profits, reputation, usage, data, or other intangible losses (whether or not we have been advised of the possibility of such damages) arising out of any of the following circumstances:

  1. BTCC has reasonable grounds to believe that there may be a material breach of law or contract with respect to a particular member or transaction.
  2. BTCC has reasonable grounds to believe that your conduct on this Website is suspected of being illegal or improper.
  3. Your misunderstanding of our copy trading services.
  4. Any other losses related to BTCC’s platform services that are not caused by BTCC’s Copy Trade service.
  5. Any or all losses incurred during your direct or indirect involvement in copy trading.


6.5 BTCC will not be responsible for any loss incurred by the Follower to use the BTCC Copy Trade Service and Follower should fully aware that : 

  1. Risks associated with BTCC’s Copy Trade feature include but are not limited to automatic trading operations, where your account can begin and end transactions without your manual intervention.
  2. BTCC’s Copy Trade can fail or incur high costs due to latency.
  3. You can choose and decide to follow a specific trader and/or a particular trading strategy. In making these decisions, you have considered your overall financial situation, including financial planning, and understand that using the BTCC’s Copy Trade feature is highly speculative, and you may incur losses much more significant than the amount invested to follow the trader.
  4. The information provided through BTCC’s Copy Trade is only for your reference. Any investment decision based on the information provided on our website or obtained through the BTCC’s Copy Trade feature is made at your own risk.
  5. You should always do your research before making an investment decision. You should make your own judgment as to whether the investments, strategies and any other products and services meet your own needs based on your investment objectives and personal financial status.
  6. You shall be solely responsible for any losses incurred due to the automatic operations of the BTCC’s Copy Trade feature.
  7. Any information on the website or app is intended to provide the public with updated transaction data of traders and followers. This website does not provide investment advice of any kind, nor does it in any way imply such information or functionality. You should conduct independent research on the information collected through the platform or the BTCC’s Copy Trade feature to make your own investment decisions.
  8. For other matters not stated here, BTCC reserves the right of final interpretation within the scope of the law.

7. Termination of the Copy Trade Service

7.1.In the following cases, BTCC reserves the right to terminate this Service at any time at its sole discretion if:

  1. The service needs to be terminated due to any applicable laws or regulations of relevant jurisdictions;
  2. Due to Force Majeure and/or other unexpected events, BTCC cannot continue to perform and/or offer this Service;
  3. Prohibited trading activities, including (i) manipulative or abusive trading activities, are being conducted or may be reasonably determined to be conducted; (ii) fraudulent of incorrect information has been provided or may be reasonably determined to be provided during the account opening process; or (iii) you have otherwise acted in bad faith.
  4. Occurrence of any other circumstances that BTCC considers to be necessary to terminate this Service based on market conditions or any other related situations.


7.2 Breach of Agreement by Trader 


Trader shall perform this Agreement strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions hereof. In any case of any breach of the Agreement by Trader, BTCC shall be entitled to elect any or all of the following remedies:

  1. Freeze Trader’s trading account(s) which may include the Spot account, Fiat account, Margin account, and Futures account on the Platform; and/ or
  2. Recovery of all losses and damages from Trader incurred to BTCC as a result of the breach of the Agreement.

7.3 BTCC will take reasonable steps to monitor the performance of any followed trader under the the Copy Trade Service, as well as the performance of the different trading strategies under the Copy Trade Service. BTCC reserves the right to pause, stop, or block, including without limitation and any open trades entered as a result of or arising from the Copy Trade Service may be closed.


7.4 BTCC reserve the right to terminate the Copy Trade Service at our sole discretion, including without limitation, if the Traders or followers no longer meet the criteria to receive the Services or it is not feasible to provide the Services as a result of any Applicable Laws.


8. BTCC’s platform malfunction 


8.1 , You , both the Trader and Follower agree and accept that in the case BTCC ‘s Platform cannot function properly or the Copy Trade Service is interrupted arising from the following conditions, such that you are unable to use the Services or cannot make commands or perform related trading operations, including but not limited to failure, delay, interruption, no system response, delayed system response or any other abnormal circumstances, BTCC and its affiliates shall not be liable for any Losses. These circumstances include but are not limited to:

  1. Service suspension for maintenance;
  2. Hacker attack(s) on BTCC’s Platform or purposes including but not limited to stealing user account passwords, secret keys, API key(s), and other information, that result in Losses caused by illegal hacking into the User's accounts and / or illegal transfer of Digital Assets;
  3. System failure to transmit data as a result of telecom equipment failures;
  4. Force Majeure events or accidents, such as but not limited to typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, plagues, epidemics, power outage, war, turmoil, government actions, terrorist attacks and any other events that may lead to the suspension of BTCC and/or its Services;
  5. Service interruption or delay arising from hacking, computer virus, technical adjustment or failure, website upgrades, banking issues, temporary closure arising from government regulations and any other reasons;
  6. Service interruption or delay caused by BTCC Platform's computer system being damaged, defective or unable to perform normally;
  7. Losses arising from technical problems that cannot be predicted or solved by existing technical forces in the industry;
  8. Losses suffered by you or other third parties arising from the fault or delay of the third party;
  9. Losses suffered by you or other third parties arising from changes in Applicable Laws;
  10. Losses suffered by you or other third parties arising from force majeure events or accidents caused by other objectively unforeseeable, unavoidable and/or unsolvable circumstances.
  11. Other Losses not attributable to BTCC due to external uncontrollable events.

8.2 You agree and accept that the aforementioned reasons may lead to abnormal transactions, market interruptions and other possible abnormal circumstances, and BTCC reserves the right to refuse to execute your commands based on the actual circumstances. You understand and agree that BTCC shall not be liable for any of your Losses (including but not limited to direct or indirect losses, actual losses, or loss of possible yield and other similar or related losses).


9. Miscellaneous

9.1 BTCC cannot guarantee the authenticity, reliability, accuracy, completeness or validity of the content on the Platform, and shall not bear any legal liability arising therefrom. You shall solely rely on your independent judgment to conduct transactions, and you shall bear all responsibilities and/or Losses that result or arise from your judgment and/or decisions

9.2. You understand and accept the risks that you may incur by using this Copy Trade Service, and the related Losses that you may suffer as a result, including but not limited to:

-If there is a Force Majeure event, or a Force Majeure event that may cause the price of Digital Assets to collapse, it may cause BTCC to fail to provide this Copy Trade  Service to you and may cause severe and/or total loss of your Digital Assets;

-Technical abnormalities may occur, which may delay or prevent you from using this Copy Trade Service or conducting related transactions, which may cause severe and/or total loss of your Digital Assets;

-Market abnormalities may occur, which may cause severe and/or total loss of your Digital Assets;

-In order to maintain the overall healthy development of the market, BTCC may add, delete or modify the relevant provisions of these Terms, the policies, the terms and conditions or other related user agreements, service agreements or terms from time to time. 


9.3. If any portion of this Agreement is declared invalid, illegal, or otherwise unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect.


9.4 This Agreement has been drafted in English. Although translations in other languages of this Agreement may be available, such translations may not be up-to-date or complete. Accordingly, you agree that in the event of any conflict between the English language version of this Agreement and any other translations thereof, the English language version of this shall prevail.


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